FreeFrame Electric Enhances Interactive Teaching

Madang Avenue Public School in Sydney recently added nine Panasonic interactive whiteboards to their school's resources.
During the installation it became apparent that the new Gilkon FreeFrame Electric model would be the ideal solution for the particular board and projector combination that had been chosen for use at the school.
Some of the benefits Principal Meredith Myers noted are:
  • Height is adjusted by a simple push of a button.
  • Each Interactive system can be moved around the room to suit small groups or larger classes.
  • Any teacher can move the system in position and raise or lower the board.
Gilkon FreeFrame is designed and manufactured in Australia. Responding to school feedback and providing products that assist education is a fundamental facet of the Wilson & Gilkes' business.
If you would like further information on the Gilkon FreeFrame range or how Madang Avenue School is using this technology please contact Gilkon customer service on (02) 9914 0900.

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