The iPad has already demonstrated that they are superior to laptop computers in one important area… battery life.
Australian schools that have adopted iPads have already discovered that their students are able to use the device all day, without having to re-charge. This means that the device is truly a portable device for students. But at the end of the day, like all devices that run on batteries, even an iPad needs to be recharged. That’s where the all-new… iPad laptop trolley comes in. Teachers are by nature time poor. They need a simple device to charge entire classroom of iPads, without having to become an IT expert.
The new Gilkon… iPad trolley offers exceptional mobility and heavy duty and fully sealed security (to keep highly desirable iPads out of the wrong hands). Plus it is designed and manufactured right here in Australia, using advanced eco friendly manufacturing techniques. If you’re thinking of making the move to iPads in your classroom, make sure you also look at purchasing a the new Gilkon I’m Safe iPad trolley to protect your students, teachers and your valuable investment.

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