The short answer is no. This is where Australian design, manufactured and tested makes a big difference. We’ve all heard the horror stories of products being manufactured off shore, using materials and technique that are banned in Australia, only to be picked up long after the product has reached consumers. Like with food, often the only way to be absolutely sure you know what it contains is to make it yourself, from base ingredients. The same is true of manufacturing.
The best way to ensure you are getting exactly what you need is to make sure that what you are purchasing is made right here in Australia, to Australian safety, design and environmental standards. It’s the best way to ensure you’re getting exactly what you think your paying for. The question then becomes ‘what are the OH&S issues associated with laptop trolleys?’ A good start is to have an OH&S issue checklist, specifically developed to help educators select the safest laptop trolley.
We believe that this is such a concern that we’ve posted a laptop trolley OH&S safety list on out Lock & Dock website
We’ve only posted it last week and already 100’s of Australian schools have downloaded it and are using it to help them select the best laptop trolley to protect their students and staff. Have you?

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