The success of the Lock&Dock Elementary 16 bay laptop trolley by Gilkon has been such that it has created the demand of a bigger brother, the 28 bay. As has happened throughout our history, need leads to innovation. Such innovation was central to the birth of the Australian manufacturing industry and remains a mainstay to its success today. What is interesting about the all-new 28 bay laptop trolley it’s an example of how the best Australian companies can benefit from Australian manufacturers applying ‘world’s best practice’ lean manufacturing techniques. Lean manufacturing is the next evolution in Just In Time (JIT) manufacturing. With JIT manufacturing, products are manufactured to order, keeping stock levels to a minimum, reducing risk, whilst improving cash flow.
Lean manufacturing goes to the next level. It allows companies to take products to market and respond to user acceptance, with product improvements, within relatively short timeframes. This leads to product innovations, not dreamt of in the design process. It also leads to higher user acceptance and better stock management. The high user acceptance of the Lock&Dock Elementary 16 bay laptop trolley created a demand for a 28 bay unit, in a similar configuration. This is an example how lean manufacturing can also lead to product range extensions.
The 28 bay employs the same electrical safety and environmental standards that put the entire Lock&Dock laptop trolley range in a class unequalled by its imported competitors. The Elementary 28 bay laptop trolley incorporates the Eco System V3.0., which provides students and staff with advanced electrical shock protection from spills and dust, over charging and reverse EMF charges.
The 28 bay is also manufactured in Australia to Australian environmental standards, with the electrical circuits in the patented Gilkon Eco System V3.0 RoHS compliant. All Lock&Dock units are finished using powder coatings, which are renowned for being environmentally responsible and contain no harmful low VOCs. The all-new Lock&Dock Elementary 28 bay laptop trolley by Gilkon contains these and many more features, in one surprisingly compact and robust unit. So the next time you hear someone carelessly mention the demise of Australian manufacturing, use the all new Lock&Dock Elementary 28 bay laptop trolley to explain how there are still Australian manufacturers who are still setting the pace.

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