It wasn’t that long ago that we discovered the dangers of lead based paints.
Exposure to lead based paints has been linked to decreased intelligence scores, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder (ADD), hyperactivity, problems with memory and many other more serious chronic illnesses.
The recommended amount of lead in domestic paint has declined from 50% before 1965, to 1% in 1965. In 1992, it was reduced to 0.25%, and in 1997 it was further reduced to 0.1%. In reality it is best to avoid lead based paints entirely.
In recent time we’ve learnt that lead paints had been used in imported toys. These toys were quickly removed from sale and recalled. These incidents have highlighted the fact that many countries have little or no guidelines on the use of lead based paints and, even if they do, they may not be enforced.
This should be of particular concern for schools purchasing an imported laptop trolley, that may contain lead based paint finishes. Even if a particular finish has been requested by the importer, you have to ask the question ‘can they even be sure that what they are supplied is as specified?’.
It seems that the only way to be truly satisfied is to purchase a locally made (not just locally assembled) laptop trolley. The Lock & Dock laptop trolley range, by Gilkon is designed and manufactured entirely in Australia, to Australian environmental standards, using one of the most environmentally friendly finishes… powder coating.
Powder coatings are renowned for being environmentally responsible. They are 100% solid - this is the paint with no solvents, no fumes, and no dangerous gases, and there are no harmful volatile organic solvents that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.
So before you purchase your next laptop trolley ask your suppliers if their laptop trolleys are made in Australia (not just assembled) and if they are finished using environmentally friendly powder coating.

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