Many of us will know the novel and film “From Russia with Love”. Recently Wilson & Gilkes was able to make a small but important contribution, to Russia with love.
International trade between nations often involves very serious issues. Australia and Russia have such a relationship, which continues to evolve. It then came as no surprise that when the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade sought a lectern, for the Australian embassy in Moscow, their first contact was Wilson & Gilkes, the manufacturer of the world’s most serious lecterns… Lectrum. The key requirement for the lectern was, that it needed to be simple to use and simpler to maintain.
Of equal importance, it needed to have distinguished look, in keeping with the profile of the embassy and its roll. The Australian coat of arms also needed to be prominently featured. Their final choice? The very serious Lectrum L2001 Aero series. The finish? Wilson & Gilkes environmentally friendly ‘silver’ finished frame and black dress (of course) panel. Contemporary but dignified. Today, Press conferences, briefings and other functions within the Australian embassy in Moscow are now conducted, standing behind a proud Australian… Lectrum by Wilson & Gilkes.

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