An Environmental Issue to Reflect on

Many parents with attest to the fact that children are more sensitive to environmental factors than ever before. What many people don’t know is that children are more heavily exposed to environmental toxins than adults. They consume more food, water and have higher inhalation per pound of body weight than adults. The data is inconclusive of what the accumulative effects of environmental pollutants on allergies and long-term chronic illness are, however it is makes good sense to take every precaution and reduce children’s’ exposure to as many environmental pollutants as possible. This is why many parents, care providers and schools are now looking to specify GREENGUARD Certified Da-Lite fabrics for video projection screens.
The GREENGUARD Children & School Product Certification Program complies with the United States California Department of Health Services Standard Practice (CS Section 01350) for testing chemical emissions from building products used in schools, offices and other sensitive environments. GREENGUARD Certified Da-Lite fabrics for projection screens are also recommended by leading sustainable building programs.
Plus GREENGUARD Certified Da-Lite fabrics deliver the superior reflective quality that has made Da-Lite one of the worlds most popular projection screens for more than 100 years.
Wilson & Gilkes are the exclusive distributor of Da-Lite projection screens in Australia and New Zealand.

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