Wilson & Gilkes recently invested in a new Salvagnini P2Xe panel bender. The benefit for clients of the Make Manufacturing Division is faster delivery and expanded range of complex bending options.
The Salvagnini P2Xe is a world leader in sheet metal bending. This extremely fast machine bends automatically 2D punched/cut blanks, producing finished panels bent on four sizes. Human intervention is required only for loading and unloading of part.
Environment factors are a major consideration for all Wilson & Gilkes products and processes. The P2Xe compact panel bender has undergone continuous improvement over the years, not only increasing its efficiency and performance but also reducing its energy consumption by more than 50%. The use of highly efficient components, the reduction in heat dispersion on the machine and the intensive utilization of low-energy actuators for operations that do not require special power (such as handling and centering) have contributed to this reduction in consumption.
During 2012 the designers and engineers at Wilson & Gilkes will be utilising this new world class technology investment for products and components that are manufactured here in Australia.

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