Certification & Standards

Wilson & Gilkes

is totally committed to an externally accredited, globally recognised, quality system. We conduct spot quality checks in the manufacturing facility every day. The Wilson & Gilkes QA system works to create our better organisation for our clients and our staff.
SCEC security enclosures are designed and manufactured by Wilson & Gilkes. We collaborate with business partners to provide SCEC security enclosures for individual projects.
spot quality checks in the manufacturing facility every day
Wilson & Gilkes design

Wilson & Gilkes design, manufacture, assemble, pack and despatch from the Sydney based facility.

Wilson Gilkes 10-year

High quality design and processes allow Wilson & Gilkes to provide a 10 year warranty for Argent 30,40 & 50 series products.


SCEC approved security enclosures for Australian & New Zealand Defence and Government. Wilson & Gilkes has extensive experience with SCEC specifications.

Wilson & Gilkes ISO 9001

Wilson & Gilkes ISO 9001 quality system is externally audited. The company uses this system to continually improve.