Advance Metal Products Acquisition

Advance Metal Products

We are proud to announce that Wilson & Gilkes has acquired the business of Advance Metal Products Pty Ltd – one of Australia’s leading sheet metal manufacturers of products such as industrial storage, industrial workbenches, mobile shelving, office storage, steel lockers and brands such as Bosco Storage, Boscotek and Maxitek.
We are extremely excited by the acquisition and we look forward to continuing the great reputation built up by the Advance Metal Products team.

About Advance Metal Products

  • Operating under three distinct divisions – Advance Metal Products, Bosco Storage Solutions and Boscotek.
  • Advanced Metal Products is a sheet metal component manufacturer which was established in 1986 by Ian Stone. The business serves customers in the home appliances, gaming and general electrical industries.
  • Bosco operates as a metal storage product manufacturer for the commercial sector. The business was established in 1962 and was acquired by the Group in 2004.
  • Boscotek operates as a metal storage product manufacturer for the industrial sector and was established by the Group in 2006.
  • The Company operates from two engineering and manufacturing facilities located in Ingleburn, Sydney, which comprise over 9,000m2 of operational floor space.

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