Argent Data Vault V50 – IT Hardware Security for Server Racks



The patented Argent Data Vault is a simple, cost effective security enclosure that will protect hardware devices that are installed in a server rack.

  • Patented design
  • Can be installed inside any 19-inch server rack
  • No external fasteners or screws when fitted
  • Uses very little valuable RU space
  • An extremely cost effective security system
  • Has integrated ventilation
  • Secure cable entry
  • Depth is adjustable
  • Included front & rear factory fitted security key locks
  • Option for client specified key lock
  • Can be retro-fitted into an existing server rack already in use

A recent V50 customer said; ” I rent an office in a building where the comms room is shared with three other businesses. I don’t know who has access to it apart from my IT guys. I have a 2U server, PABX and a NAS device. The Argent V50 Data Vault provides a quick, cost effective security solution for my IT equipment.”

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