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Wilson & Gilkes is offering you a full day session with our talented design team.

This opportunity is applicable to design and engineering professionals who are looking at taking their concepts and ideas onto the next level.
With the help of our experienced team, we will work together to;

  • Review your design
  • Review market application
  • Overcome design challenges and/or limitations
  • Refine and optimise your design
  • Review production requirements and costs


How it Works

  • Call or email us with your design or idea
  • Our staff will provide guidance on the suitability of the project for this design and manufacture service
  • We will then work together to bring your idea to life

How This Service Has Helped Others (Case Study)

Leading Sydney based consultants CDP Consulting developed a custom designed and made compact equipment rack thanks to the design services of Wilson & Gilkes. The equipment rack is a rollout type, enabling simple servicing and access post-installation.

Rollout Rack by CDP Consulting
Rollout Rack by CDP Consulting

Macquarie University now boasts world-class teaching facilities all made possible by the combined efforts of a great idea by CDP Consulting and the design and manufacturing expertise of Wilson & Gilkes.
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Design Make Partnership Program

[image src=”https://www.wilsongilkes.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/partner_logo.png”]
Wilson & Gilkes Design Make Partnership Program offers design, consultation and manufacturing services to an exclusive group of Wilson & Gilkes’ clients. The program offers participants substantial time and expense savings on AV and IT projects where custom solutions are required.
Some of our collaborative services include;

  • Four full time designers
  • Engineering support staff
  • Laser cutting – three TRUMPF laser machines
  • CNC Punching – two high precision TRUMPF machines
  • CNC Bending – eight bending cells, including robotic bending for more complex parts
  • Welding and fabrication – including two robot welding cells
  • CNC Milling
  • Powder coating for flexibility of selected finishes
  • Electrical, mechanical and electronic assembly
  • Prototype service
  • Warehousing and dispatching service
  • Packaging service to suit the completed product
  • Managed outsourcing of other processes, such as plastics or specialty finishes

For a full list of services, and more information about how we can work together on your projects, please download our  W&G-Design-Make-Partnership-Program-2013 below.


Get in Touch

For all enquiries regarding this great incentive, please call (02) 9914 0900 or email sales@gilkon.com.au.

Terms & Conditions

  • Offer is valid until the 31st May 2013
  • Projects will be selected and design time awarded at the discretion of Wilson & Gilkes

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