Reduced industrial waste by using modern control technology on existing sheet metal fabrication equipment

Sheetmetal folding (Press Brake)

Modern control equipment to upgrade existing Amada sheet metal fabrication equipment

In the world of fabrication the press brake is king. And the AMADA press brake is the king of kings.

Wilson & Gilkes acquired a 1997 HFB-100, which even in its current state still ranks highly for its reliable, repeatable accuracy. But with original parts now being so difficult to source this lucky AMADA has been booked in for a bit of a makeover. The mechanical hardware and hydraulics will remain, but the numerically controlled aspects — the electronics — will be replaced. This will be carried out over 2-3 weeks, onsite, by JMA with one of its iCON retrofit kits.

iCON CNC Controller - iCON CNC HMI 17" touch screen running Windows 10
iCON CNC Controller – iCON CNC HMI 17″ touch screen running Windows 10

The old LCD screen and integrated push-button navigation will be replaced by a more intuitive touchscreen interface with visual guidance and parts-simulation that’ll display the projected fold for faster programming.

Press Brake Upgrade Equipment
SDKELI BLPS – Laser Safety Curtain

This increase in performance from a tolerance-accuracy perspective, and the GUI’s direct navigation between programming and production will mean it’ll no longer require such a specialised skillset to operate, making it a more intrinsic part of the shop. On top of that, there’ll also be increased safety, with updated measures such as laser light-guards being installed.

The combined cost of the machine’s purchase and upgrade is a fraction of what a current model AMADA sells for. Andrew Goldfinch, Wilson & Gilkes’ Operations Manager states that, “AMADA is still one of the best brands you can buy. For that reason it’s worth spending the money to bring it back to new.” Compared to the scrapping of old machinery to replace with new, this extra effort is a more sensible option both financially and environmentally. Wilson & Gilkes designs and manufactures 100% in Australia. No supply chain risk.

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