The Environment

Wilson & Gilkes are committed to:
  • Design, manufacture and procurement of environmentally friendly and recyclable products.
  • Evaluation and elimination of waste-creating activities.
  • Replacement of hazardous substances with sustainable alternatives.
  • Communicating these values to staff, suppliers and customers.
Wilson and Gilkes embrace the opportunity to play a role in improving the environment and this will benefit us all.

Green Manufacturing

Product lifecycle is the key to green manufacturing. Green manufacturing is not a catch phrase; it’s a combination of belief, knowledge and commitment. Truly sustainable design needs to consider every aspect of product design, materials, packaging and the manufacturing process. Make Manufacturing designs and manufactures, wherever possible, products that can be stripped and disassembled into material groups for ease of recycling.
Make Manufacturing are committed wherever possible RoHS compliant materials are used in the product design or the manufacturing processes. As part of this commitment Make Manufacturing provide in-house powder coating. Powder coatings are renowned for being environmentally responsible. They are 100% solid - this is the paint with no solvents, no fumes, and no dangerous gases, and there are no harmful low VOC (volatile organic solvents) that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.
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